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Hint: bullets show our expectations for each position
but as it all depends on your experience, please don’t hesitate to contact us
if you are a bit shy about all that you’ve learned and accomplished so far.

Full Stack Developer

  • Know object-oriented programming and Java
  • Know basics of SQL and are ready and eager working with databases
  • Know HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Understand how REST APIs and web apps in general work
  • Familiar with React, Angular or any other popular JS framework
  • Big + is being familiar with Spring and like working with designers
  • Understand browser compatibility, responsive web design and CMS
  • Being committed to technical excellence, critical thinking and solution-oriented approach.

UX/UI Designer

  • Know UX/UI principles and best practices in creating user interface
  • Have extensive knowledge in using Figma, Adobe XD and/or Sketch
  • Understand RWD principles and interface optimisation for different devices
  • You have a thing and fling to create fun and beautiful solutions.

DevOps Engineer

  • Using various configuration management tools to automate and maintain infrastructure
  • Implement and maintain CI/CD pipelines using Gitlab, Jenkins or any other similar tool
  • Work on design and implement build, release, and deployment processes in collaboration with development teams
  • Work with developers to identify and fix issues in the build and release process.

Business Analyst

  • You are a natural talent for details and you feel inner need to understand business problems and client’s needs
  • You feel communication is your ground and feels fulfilling taking client through the process of defining a problem to the joy of finding the best solution, step-by-step
  • You can cross over from technical side of the project to the client’s requests over and over again, until seeing them giving high fives to each other
  • Always have bigger picture on your mind which takes you to new ideas and solutions for meeting client’s needs even when they are not aware of them…yet.

Data/ML Engineer

  • Already know or be willing to learn how to use advanced patterns for data integration (ETL, CEP, CDC, Data Masking, Data Virtualization…) and familiar with Python & SQL
  • You can do magic in creating useful dashboards from observing Big Data (Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, DWH appliance) by using advanced analytics
  • You are interested in technologies and tools for Data Quality Management and/or Data Governance and feel enthusiastic about developing various data models
  • You know how to hit a blind spot and ask the right question to merge business and technical perspective to task being properly done.

System Engineer

  • You know how to be engaged all over the project activities: from planning, analysing and organizing the process of implementation to integration of various IT components in complex enterprise environments.
  • Security is no joke, and you take whole scope of security aspects of services, backup, implementation, integration, upgrading the infrastructure and filling in technical documentation very, very seriously
  • You have the you have the knowledge in administration of Linux and Windows operating system

Summer Internship

If you came to the point of replacing occasional and summer jobs for a real thing, you’re on the right place.  Summer internship is perfect for all the students who decided to start investing in their future by making professional growth a top personal priority.

The program will show and reveal all that you have learned or even not being aware you know, in terms of technical and soft skills. 

Program is being conducted in cooperation with CROZ d.o.o. as a partner and it will reveal new horizons of business world to you. Modesty on the side, it’s no longer a secret it’s one of the best, hands-on programs you can participate in.

By joining the program, we guarantee you the feeling of a kid in a candy store (ok, not just the feeling, we do have a lot of candies). Translated to IT language – a real project with a team of interns and dedicated mentors.

If you are in a search for a job in any of the above stated roles don’t hesitate to contact us.

All right, but why should I apply to become a RiwareMan?

It's not the gold all that shines so here what the fuss is all about.


We will help you manage your infrastructure using code, enabling you to provision, configure, and manage your resources in a repeatable, automated way.​

Wide range of technologies

required by a client or proposing tech solution for a challenging project, we are always riding the wave of the latest industry standards. Not just that, we encourage our people to explore fields of technologies in order to find new fireflies which are about to shine in the future.

Power of agile teeamwork

not just another fancy buzzword. As the city that flows, agile teamwork makes our high demanding projects flow. Nothing is being written in the stone and thus nothing can't surprise us, we are always ready to actively solve new obstacles and proactively prevent them to even occur. No matter what we do, we do it together.

Prodigy of knowledge

Please stop searching business related courses, why do you need that certificate for...said no RiwareMan EVER. And look, here's Socrates again, shouting Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.

KEA algorhitm

Let’s be honest, we know you’ve had You talking to me? sessions in front of the mirror on negotiating your salary. Let’s not make a big deal out of it. What it needs to be done, needs to be done. Simpler than it seems, within the knowledge, experience and attitude algorithm, there’s nothing we can’t talk about.

Cosa nostra

a Family code. We love kids & pets to the moon and back so be wild, be courageous 😊. Jokes aside, we are family safe environment and we know how challenging can it be. Have 3 or more and we’re gonna make an offer you can't refuse.

Mens sana in corpore sano

or if not familiar with Latin, A healthy mind in a healthy body. We will provide you with all needed to stay or become the person described. Not it’s like a ‘’be or not to be’’ thing but make sure to leave some space for being challenged on staying on the right track. Just sayin’…

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